"The belly of the mind is always hungry."

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Dear friend,

As soon as I use words or images I risk to be misunderstood and you probably turn away.

It seems that there are not many people I can talk to, that understand where I am coming from.

Update 07/14/2020: In the meantime I made some progress, let me know what you would like to see:

Social Media

Watching youtube clips, reading, sending emails... all of this is quite amazing, but it all happens only in the head.

I hate-love Facebook; I find it often too loud, too much gossip, too easy to get distracted; that's why I envision a quieter more in-team place, here...


My initial idea here is not to create a club, but to invite an opportunity to meet and talk to other human beings via Zoom (video)... to think together, to discover, to share, to feel connected.

Mind, your own business

We are all more or less faced with the same challenges, in understanding and utilizing our thinking and feeling capacities.

It is easy to get lost in excitement, in being busy being busy, to be intimidated by thoughts and feelings; to react instead to respond.

Mind and speech are such amazing gifts, and I want to lovingly exercise, explore, feel, reflect, ask, inquire, share, discover, ... Life, super simple, naturally.


"In quietness and confidence is your strength" is more my thing... but not to hide in a cave, neither to be a clown.

Maybe we can just meet as human family, embracing with our heart what mind cannot understand.

To nurture and inspire, without agenda in regard to should, would and could, but dedicated to not immediately run away when our expectations aren't met. To lovingly face our own deep unaware uncomfortableness in each other.

The G-Word

My current interest is in non-duality, in spirituality, in understanding human suffering, in discovering how to share and see the obvious.

... life is more than paying bills and 'talking' about God.

Walking, resting, cooking, gardening, photography, art & education, productivity, meeting people, sustainable income, doing what feels right, what needs to be done... but not from a place of neediness or faulty thinking.

Thank you for your openness, thank you for your long attention span -- reading so far.

With love,

PS: Suggested next action step?
- Tell me what you would like to see at We.BeingTogether.Live
- Send me an email to share your thoughts and to possibly schedule a Zoom meeting to say hello...
- Add yourself to the private mailing list to receive updates.

Update 07/14/2020: In the meantime I made some progress, let me know...