Welcome on planet Earth.

Life is not what we think it is; thinking allowed, thinking aloud...

What do we really want?

"Peace of mind in daily living,
independent of circumstances."

Roger Castillo

This private website is in incubating mode.

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Hello fellow human,

The basic idea here is to invite heartfelt human connection, to embrace freedom, experiencing and sharing clarity.

To allow Inner Space, natural curiosity and bravery.

To not immediately run away in our old grooves of "I don't like this", but to take a closer look at what is really here and now.

"It takes a Universe to make a sandwich."

It is easy to reject "others", to resist, to get lost in habits, words and assumptions.

This domain BeingTogether.Live is intended as a hub for you and me to meet in an respectful atmosphere, dedicated to the highest human discovery.

To be increasingly aware of what we have in common, instead to magnify what separates us.

"Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex." (Mooji)

I spent decades not knowing how to face my deep uncomfortableness; instead I busied myself with spiritual seeking.

40-30 years ago I felt fortunate to have a few cassette tapes with Wayne Dyer/Deepak Chopra, Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, Joel Goldsmith, and a big and heavy copy of "The Three Pillars of Zen".

It seems that I used 'spirituality' just as a pain-killer; I didn't really know what I was looking for.

What do I really want?

Suggested answer:
"Peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances".
(Roger Castillo)

Could it be that simple?

We are all traumatized and confused in different degrees and intensities... and often don't even consider it.

It is quite amazing how much "content" there is available nowadays on Youtube, for example, in regard to spirituality and 'self-help'.

We could spend lifetimes just consuming the different teachings in our own head... and still feel hungry for more.

"The belly of the mind is always hungry"

"It is not so much knowledge that we need, but rather inspiration to feel again the breath of the spirit, the flow of Grace, the power of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the living God.

It is not merely concepts and more ‘how to do’ instructions, but to be stimulated again into real life." (Mooji)

“Love, and do what you want.”

Reading books, listening to talks, social media and email usually just happens in our own head.

This private website is in incubating mode.

Please let me know how it resonates in you:

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Some ideas for this website
(please email me your thoughts):

Meeting people in person e.g. Zoom Video

  • Opportunity to relate, share and ask.

  • Hear and feel yourself?

  • Give yourself a voice?

  • Learning how to think/inquire?

  • Resting our busy minds?

Quiet online community / Art & Education

  • Similar functionality like facebook, but without the noise and excitement.

  • Directory with people who share your sensitivity, longing, dedication, interests, skills or resources

  • Opportunity to ask/answer questions.

  • Share your writings, photography, artworks.

Directory of teachings/teachers

  • Concepts, aims?

yOur top 10 quotes and how they assisted...

  • Cool, deep quotes:

    • "Excitement is a scam of the mind."

    • "Whatever comes goes."

    • "Just be still and know I am."

Glossary of terms

  • Some interesting/easy definitions for love, consciousness, suffering, identity, prayer...

Being practical...

  • Clarity in body, mind and speech.

  • Maybe ideas and connections regarding sustainable income.

  • Think Tank?

It is easy to have ideas, the hard part is not to get lost, to not drown in empty excitement...

"The best things in life are free"

Money as an opportunity? The software for the online community might cost around $350 per year; plus hosting, plus...

If you feel good about it, please financially support the project with any amount.

Thank you,